About Me

I am a husband, father, and since Memorial Day 2007 have been senior pastor of University Heights Baptist Church in Springfield, MO. I have a B.A. degree (’88) from Northeast Louisiana University, and the Master of Divinity  (’91) and Doctor of Philosophy (’96) degrees from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. My major area of study was in the area of systematic theology. Previous pastorates have been in Mississippi in Tennessee.

My family and I enjoy our time together and cheering for the Auburn Tigers; but I am also prone to support the St. Louis Cardinals. I am somewhat of an emeritus softball player and enjoy talking about how good I used to be.

The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship is my larger Baptist family. I’ve also grown to appreciate the American Baptist Churches (USA), a strong proponent of local church autonomy.  UHBC does not affiliate with the SBC or Missouri Baptist Convention, but remains part of the Greene County Baptist Association.

I consider myself a free and faithful Baptist who enjoys working with Christians from different denominational backgrounds. One of the areas I’m most engaged in now is providing support and relief to those who are caught in the trap of payday and title loans.


One thought on “About Me

  1. Thanks for writing about important issues we face as Christians. Calvinism really worries me, too.

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