Pastor’s Thoughts 8/11

Gary Fenton, in “Your Ministry’s Next Chapter” penned these words: “I finally understood that every day doesn’t have to be sunny, that even when my soul feels shrouded in darkness, I know that God is leading me. I do not need a clear day to feel confident God is leading me.”
I’ve been giving additional thought to these words, especially as it relates to us as a church family on our spiritual journey. We have been blessed in so many ways, and among the best ways has been to have wonderful persons in our family of faith to encourage us along the way.
A few days ago such a person went to her eternal reward. Maurette Poore died at the age of 104 (!). She has been faithful in her testimony to her Lord and to this church. Even though she became unable to be with us in person, she continued to pray for her church family. I appreciate so much those who visited her and maintained a connection with her these last few years.
It’s difficult to imagine what life is like for those who don’t have a church home. There is a difference between “going to church” and “being part of the church.” Certainly Maurette could be described as the latter.
Sometimes we think of the church as what we are “doing” but in reality a more apt designation relates to our “being” the people of God. We gather in this building for a very small percentage of time, while most of our existence relates to what happens outside these walls. That’s how it should be.
My ongoing hope for UHBC is that we continue the transition from doing church in the building, to doing church from the building. And, what we do should be rooted in who we are as God’s people.
As you’ve heard me reference before, we are “making the road by walking.” UHBC is walking by faith, and not by sight. We are trusting the Lord to open doors of opportunity to impact our community for Christ.
On a related note, there will be an almost 100% eclipse on August 21st. I’ve heard that MSU Science department is sponsoring an event at Plaster stadium for those who’d like to participate in this experience.
In addition, I’m pleased to announce that KY3 Storm Team meteorologist Liz McGiffin will be with on this Wednesday night. Among other things, She’ll be talking to us about the upcoming eclipse. It will be a fun and interesting evening, so I hope you’ll plan to be part of it.
Finally, I wanted to thank you for your ongoing support of our operating budget. We are close to meeting our budget as of this writing, and ahead of our expenses. Of course, these numbers change from time to time. But, I am so grateful for your faithful and consistent support at this point in the fiscal year. Please keep it up!
Sunday’s coming–I know some of you are still traveling and taking advantage of the last few days of summer. But, if you are in town I hope to see you in Bible Study and worship this Lord’s Day.

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