Thank You, Jerry Hoover

One of the privileges of being at UHBC is that our building is in close proximity to the Missouri State University campus. Our church has been grateful to support Bear nation and in particular the MSU Pride Band and their leader, Jerry Hoover. Rather than attempt to describe his accomplishments, I’ll simply refer you to the university website to learn more.

Jerry announced his retirement after a great 31 year career as Director of Bands at Missouri State University. He has brought a great deal of attention to the school and has impacted thousands of students during his three decade tenure. MSU along with the Springfield community have benefited greatly from his leadership. His efforts have brought national attention to MSU and the Ozarks.

I’ve enjoyed knowing Jerry and wish him all the best in the days ahead. My hope is that UHBC can maintain a connection with the Pride Band, as we always look forward to our annual “Feed the Band” event at the beginning of the academic year.

Our church will be honoring Jerry and his wife Betty with a reception after the worship service on May 15th. We look forward to that time with him and appreciate his willingness to make UHBC part of the Pride Band experience.




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