And now for something completely different.

Congratulations to the Auburn University Tigers for winning the SEC Championship and finding their way into the BCS Championship game, with special appreciation for Michigan State getting it done against Ohio State.

Gus Malzahn has to be coach of the year. Auburn has gone from worst to first after his first year at the helm of the football team. The tigers have been exciting and heart-stopping through their literal last minute victories.

It is easy to say that this turn around is unbelievable, but the BCS show says that it is now time to believe it. This will be the last BCS Championship game to be played, and if Auburn wins it will mean that the state of Alabama will have won the last five championship games. Regardless of the outcome, right now I marvel at the turnaround of this program with substantially the same players. Yes the quarterback absolutely makes a difference, but for me this is about “buying in” to a system and changing the mentality and attitudes of the players.

It’s amazing to me how these players have played and turned things around. They have been fun to watch. One more to go.