centralbc.1Lori and I traveled back to Meridian, MS last weekend to celebrate the 125th anniversary of South Side/Central Baptist Church. It was a long journey but definitely worth it.

It was so good catching up with old friends and rehearsing stories of things that happened over ten years ago. I was reminded of how much fun we had serving in the Queen City.

The anniversary committee did a great job getting out invitations, setting up exhibits, and planning a reception and meal for over 300 people. It had to be quite an undertaking, yet they pulled it off. Lori and I are grateful for their hospitality and being able to return to familiar stomping grounds. Of course, I think most people were glad to see Cally again. She was only a little thing at the time, and it was good to gauge the reactions of folks who knew her when she was only six years old.

It’s a bittersweet experience to return to a place that meant a lot to you. Some things remain the same, but oftentimes people and situations change. The old expression is true, “you can’t enter a stream the same place a second time.”

I am grateful for the witness of this congregation through the years, and in particular for how they treated Lori and me while we were there. It meant a lot to us then, and even more so now as we look back. It is encouraging to see the new and ongoing ministries that are taking place and that a vibrant congregation continues to make a difference in their community.