Each year, at the beginning of the school year, our church hosts the Missouri State University Pride Band. It’s part of an event known as “feed the band” and while it involves a lot of preparation, it’s definitely worth the effort.

Our church building is located right across the street from the MSU campus. The proximity to the campus provides a great opportunity to meet and greet students. College students don’t bring a lot in terms of monetary contributions, but they bring a great deal of energy and are brimming with high hopes for their future.

Many of these students won’t come from a church background, and as such will be in a church building for the very much time.  This will offer a great opportunity for them to part of a worship service and experience life in the church.

Church is not the building. Church is not an event or series of activities designed to get people to enter the building. Church is a gathering of persons who have the spiritual common denominator of believing something happened over 2000 years that changed life as we know it. Church people don’t all believe exactly the same things, at least in our church this is true. There isn’t a codified set of beliefs we ask you to sign. What distinguishes the church is the resurrection of Christ, and people who believe in this Event are called to be witnesses. In short, tell the story of what happened and how that reality makes a difference in your life.

I’ll be talking about “God’s First Question” from Genesis 3 as a sermon focus, and along the way hope to convey that church is the people, not the place where these folks gather once a week. And then, afterwards, we’ll do our best to “feed the band.”

It’s going to be fun experience.