It’s one privilege of being pastor, maybe the best part of what I do: I get to baptize my son this Sunday.

I’ve been able to do this for both my daughters, and recall how meaningful the experience was for me. I told Lucy that she was now my sister in Christ, and she inquired “does that mean I’m not your daughter?”  An opportunity for an explanation arose. Times like this offset some of the difficulties that go with the pastoral territory.

I want to thank all our volunteers who worked during Vacation Bible School. It was during this weeklong event that Matt came to know Christ and believed in Him. Matt will spend the rest of his life learning more about this God who became a human being, and how knowing Christ makes a difference in a person’s life. For now, though, I celebrate his new birth and pray for God to continue working in his life.

I realize VBS isn’t the only children’s program, and a church should certainly be engaged in reaching kids all throughout the year. Here is an interesting article about the status of VBS in churches across our nation. Not every congregation is in a position to carry out this weeklong emphasis, and there are times when I sympathize with those who confess that the amount of energy and volunteers required are too great. But, when I see children come to know Christ during this week, it makes all the effort worthwhile.  And I believe our church would say the same.

So, Sunday will be a special day in our family. I will get to baptize Matt and one of his friends too. An added bonus too, is that we will have the Ordinance of the Lord’s Supper as well. A double feature you might say. This wasn’t necessarily planned that way, and doesn’t happen often, which makes it especially meaningful. Baptism and Communion are powerful symbols of what life in the body of Christ is all about. It goes beyond church programs, activities, budgets, and buildings. These ordinances remind us what our mission because Jesus commanded his followers to do them. 

So, Welcome to the (church) family, Matt! We love you and we are proud of you.