A Church is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Years ago there were frequent commercials for the United Negro College Fund. It was an appeal to support the education of minority students with the tagline “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.”

There are a lot of reasons to attend (or not) a place of worship, but one of the key incentives to remain in a community of faith is its people. Preachers can come and go. Programs come and go. But it is the people and relationships that are built over a period of time that must be nurtured and valued. I can identify one or two families in our church who have four generations represented, and it is meaningful to see that continuity and closeness . I have also spoken to those who have been part of the church for several decades and have cultivated lifelong (and eternal) bonds.

I read Amy Butler’s article on her experience in her own church and was reminded of my own. I encourage you to take time to read it, because the beauty of the local church is the relationships and memories that come from loving each other as brothers and sisters in Christ, regardless of age.

I read about a lot of criticism levied against the church. Some of it is justified. Some people have problems with the preacher, how someone hurt their feelings, or disappointed them. There are a lot of problems to be sure in the local church. However, Amy’s article spoke to me because special moments and experiences are unique to the church due to our common connection with Christ. They must be shared to be appreciated. It is these precious times that unify and edify the church, and my prayer is that we would see more of them in all of our churches.


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