It’s not even summer yet, but there’ already talk around our church about VBS in July. This year’s theme is “Kingdom Rock” as provided by Group Publishers.

It takes a lot of effort to plan and pull off a successful VBS. You have to start really early in recruiting teachers and other workers, and you have to make sure that particular week is set apart as far as other work related commitments go. I’m always amazed at the energy and effort people put in to make sure we are ready.

I’ve always been around VBS in one form or the other, but was reminded recently of its importance at a meeting the other day. In the conversation I was having with this person, he indicated that the reason he’d gotten connected with the church was through VBS. His children had been welcomed and through that experience he and his family had found a church home.

A lot of times there is a sentiment about filling the positions on the boards and committees of the church, and the need to have good teachers in Sunday School. However, it is good to be reminded that there a reasons for all this effort with the main goal of reaching people for Christ. Especially children.

Many parents treat VBS as a chance to drop off their kids for a few hours, and I’ve known of some who build their summer plans around taking their children to every VBS in town. That’s just part of it I guess. Regardless of where they come or how they here, these children have a chance to hear about Jesus and learn more about the Bible in that week of concentrated attention and energy.

I’m already praying for this moment coming up in our church, and hope you’d pause for a moment and do the same. A child’s life could be changed for eternity.