Thanksgiving Musings

I say this every time when the season rolls around, but it is hard to believe that Thanksgiving is upon us. The year truly has flown by, and this time that’s not entirely a bad thing. I am looking forward to starting a new year, but am excited about the holidays.

We’ve made it through another presidential election, a nation that remains divided in so many ways. This has been made more evident after November 6th, but not many people who I’ve spoken to are especially surprised. However, I do want to remain hopeful that the “fiscal cliff” can be dealt with in a responsible manner before the end of the year. We need to hear some good news from our government especially as it relates to our national debt.

A lot of folks are dealing with their own personal cliffs. I have spoken to people who are dealing with so many problems. They include mainly financial challenges, uncertainty about the future, and health concerns. In short, not too much different from this time last year. There are always things to worry about if we let them. And there is enough stress to discourage the most optimistic among us. Sometimes it is enough to push over the edge, emotionally and otherwise.

Still, I am learning that our attitude is a choice, circumstances notwithstanding.

I’m sitting here watching CNN coverage of bombings taking place in Jerusalem. It has to be a scary time, and for Lori and me it hits a little closer to home because there are some folks from NOBTS staying in Israel through the Thanksgiving holiday. We know some of those who are over there and we hope they will remain safe. I’m sure there Thanksgiving will be memorable, if not for the reasons they anticipated. As we make our way to visit grandparents, our thoughts are not about being attacked by rocket attacks on the way down.

Auburn football has been a great disappointment this year.  So that’s one thing. Nuff said there.

However, on a much more serious note, Lori and I am thankful for another year with Cally, Lucy, and Matt. It has been a privilege to be part of their lives and watch the different ways that they are growing up. We are grateful that they have been healthy and have had friends to share their lives. I thank God for my family this Thanksgiving, and hope that each of you have a peaceful and wonderful time celebrating this occasion.



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