Another 9/11 is here

I took my son to the park after school today, and attempt to get  him to run off some energy leading up to bedtime. It appears to have worked, as he turned in about an hour earlier than he usually does.

While there, we saw a baseball game of a very special kind going on at the Miracle Field. It is not grass but allows wheelchairs to be rolled easily upon the hard surface. The kids and parents along with supportive spectators cheered at every hit off the tee, and seeing the community coming together for a moving event like this made me realize how blessed we all are in this country.

There are a lot of things to complain about, and about the same number of things to blame others for, but the truth is that we have a lot to be thankful for as Americans. It might seem kind of corny to offer such an observation, but I have been in need of gentle reminders of just how good we have it in the Ozarks. I would imagine others could say the same things from their own geographical neck in the woods.

I get tired of hearing all the negativity from our politicians, who say at the same time that we should remain hopeful about our future. There is more than enough out there to discourage us and make us feel insecure about things moving forward. However, on this occasion I would like to posit the view that there are a lot of things right about our country and among them are the freedoms that we all too often take for granted.

We’ll all be going to the polls to vote on our next president soon, but there are some things we don’t have to vote on to make our country a better place. I saw a little bit of that tonight when volunteers reached out to help children enjoy themselves on a cool Monday evening at the ballpark.

The news will be about the anniversary of the terrorist attack, and most of the information today was about those first responders who went into the smoke and fire, and the health issues that have developed as a result of their bravery. I’m grateful our government will allow for more support of those who are struggling in this manner, and may we also never forget the sacrifice of those who lost their lives.

I know our schools will be dealing with this anniversary, and the information sheet that came home to us today indicated that would be the case. It also mentioned that the children would be told about this event but in such a way to inform them rather than frighten them. I do remember the original 9/11 and how children were affected by what they saw on TVs round the clock,, and how their parents reacted to the terrible reality as well.

I know 9/11/12 will be another work day, school day, and later on an open house at the elementary school. For these simple things I give thanks, and also for those who serve our country on a daily basis. For all those who serve in our military and first responders, I say thanks to you and your families for your love for our nation and service to keep us free and safe.


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