Big Easy in crosshairs of Isaac

It’s one thing to watch this on the weather channel from southwest MO. It would be another matter altogether to be seeing this from a living room in New Orleans.

There are all kinds of storms out there, but there’s nothing like a hurricane or hurricane wanna be tropical storm coming into the Gulf. These things tend to get angrier and stronger as the get closer to the coast.

My thoughts are with the people all along the coast, and my memories go back to Katrina and everything associated with that horrific scene. It also goes back to a flood that Lori and I went through during our adventure in New Orleans while workingi and attending seminary.

The Crescent city certainly offers its share of charm, but this time of year lends itself to sitting close to the TV set. I wonder if Pat Robertson will be praying for this storm to take out some sinners kind of like he did when a hurricane threatened the Virginia coast several years ago.

I know the poor people of Haiti have already felt the brunt of this storm, and there will be others closer to home who feel its impact. The city of New Orleans will most assuredly be doing that “contraflow” when all interstate lanes will be routed to go North with no traffic heading in. It is a wierd scene to see and experience, a sign of the seriousness of the situation and the hopelessness the people feel abandoning their homes to the mercy of the rain, wind, and flood waters that might be coming.

I will hoping that the impact and disruption of life will be minimal, and also remembering my friends who have chosen to make the Gulf Coast and the Big Easy their home.


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