It’s time for another meeting–this time I’ll be present for the 2012 General Assembly in Ft. Worth, TX. Things get started on Wednesday and continue throughout the weekend. I’m hoping for a positive experience. Whenever Baptists get together, nothing is guaranteed. So, I’m looking forward to a historic meeting of sorts in CBF life.

Daniel Vestal will be giving his last message as Executive Coordinator. I wasn’t one of those who met in Atlanta 20 years ago as an SBC exile, but I have come to appreciate and know of his leadership in the formation of Fellowship Baptists. Daniel was kind enough to make it to Springfield to spend time with our congregation, and I particularly enjoyed my time with him at Brahm’s after picking him up at the airport. He has a genuine concern for pastors and it was a privilege to share something of “my story” as he put it.

It’s going to be hard to replace Daniel, and the search committee has its work cut out for us. This will be an important selection as we transition into the third decade of CBF life. We need someone who is respected and has a keen awareness for the values of rank and file Baptists.  I am so thankful for Daniel’s sure and steady leadership, and he has represented Fellowship Baptists often and well during this tenure.

Another component of the meeting relates to the 2012 Task Force’s report regarding the reformation and restructuring of the CBF organization. It is time for such a presentation, and I think this will be a significant part of our assembly. It will help to have good participation and representation to support such an approach; I will be eager to hear about these proposals and see how they relate to our church and myself moving forward. It is encouraging to hear that these sessions will be webcast for those who cannot get to Ft. Worth.

There’s more to say here, but I’ll wait until my return to give a report. I look forward to meaningful worship and getting to rub shoulders with fellowship Baptists. I pray for a good experience in the Lone Star state.