Well, it’s here. The mother of all holidays, no pun intended. It’s a time when there are more greeting cards purchased, mailed, or otherwise hand delivered to moms all over the nation. More phone calls will be made on this day than any other day, and decades ago before cell phones existed, it was the busiest day for the Bell Telephone and Telegraph Company.

Father’s Day brought about the most collect phone calls, but I won’t go into that because no one remembers what collect means anyway.

We’ve had a good journey thus far, the Chisholms have, and a lot of that has to do with Lori. She’s a wonderful wife and I can’t imagine living without her, and I am especially grateful on this day for her influence on our children.

Cally starts high school this fall and is going into the teenagery things which will add a whole other level of excitement to our lives. I think that’s the right word. Lucy is learning so much and her curiousity knows no bounds, and Matt has shown so much progress since we arrived here five years ago. We’ve prayed for all of them, and I wanted to thank Lori for all she has done to love and lead them.

We’ll look forward to a good Mother’s Day on Sunday. There should be more folks at church because of that, I can usually count on this day and Easter for bringing people in. We will light candles recognizing and remembering them  and women who have been in our lives. I’ll get the kids to talk about how to honor moms during the children’s time. Afterwards Cally, Lucy, Matt, and I will get to spend the afternoon with a wonderful woman of our own. 

Lori, I hope you have a great weekend and especially a wonderful Mother’s day. I’m so thankful to have found a “wife of noble character” and know our children will one day “rise up and call her blessed.” Sometimes they rise up now for other reasons, but they mean well.