Well, it’s here! It’s hard to imagine that Easter Sunday is coming up. It has been a fast and busy first few months of 2012.

Of course, I am looking forward to this Sunday. It’s like the Super Bowl of Sundays as far as preaching is concerned. Easter is a time when people come to church when they won’t come any other time of the year. I anticipate many church members, family members, and friends who will be part of the day.

One thing I’ve known about for a long time, and that is what I’m preaching on. Tithing. No, not really but I’ve wondered what would happen if folks showed up and I started with that. I’m pretty sure I’d get a lot of feedback, but most likely not what I would like. But, our folks are pretty gracious so I think I’d be okay.

No, the message is going to be on the resurrection of Christ. If you can’t get excited about preaching on that on Easter Sunday, then there’s a chance you’re in the wrong business.

I recall a visit I made to a woman whose husband died after a lengthy illness. She was telling me how she looked forward to getting back in church and reconnecting with friends. It was close to Easter, and so I suggested that would be a great time to come back. She said something I’ll never forget. 

 “I hate Easter. Christmas too, but especially Easter. People come to church on that day when they won’t come any other time, and that makes me really mad. I get so angry that when I see that, I want to get up and leave the church building. I don’t think it’s right that they can come to church on Easter but not on other Sundays.”

Hard to forget remarks like that.

I’ve already had the talk with our church about having guests and first time visitors. These poor folks don’t know who sits where and I encouraged our people not to take Sunday morning as an opportunity to educate them about such matters. It should be fun.

Regardless of what happens on Sunday, I stand with the awareness and knowledge of what Christ has done in my life and continues to do. As Frederick Buechner wrote, “life itself is grace.” And that pretty much summarizes how I feel about my family, church, community, and work.

Yes, we’ll do the egg thing on Saturday morning. It will be an interesting sight to have Cally put on that smelly Easter bunny costume and have children take pictures with her. I”ll try to work one in for myself but it could a hard task to accomplish. Lori and I will enjoy spending time with Cally, Lucy, and Matt and sharing that time with our friends.

Easter is about death, and more importantly, life. And on this occasion I give thanks for my life and that of my family and church family. I’m looking forward to a great day, and am grateful for the peace and hope that comes through knowing Christ. May we be able to live and share in the wonder of that first Easter, together.