One Day Closer to Eternity

I’m still here! And after coming home from church today and pleased to report that many others of the UHBC family are still around Springfield and surrounding areas. I have considered the other possibility of course, but my theology doesn’t account for the fact that Jesus returned and we didn’t know about it.

My last post talked about the prediction that the world would end at suppertime yesterday, and I really don’t know which timezone served as the official end of the world start time. It doesn’t matter though, and we have all lived through another notable but false end time prediction. I am amazed at how many people are willing to believe in such false prophets, even when these charlatans act as if they are using the Bible to back up their truth claims.

The one thing I can say  is that today we find ourselves one day closer to eternity than yesterday.  The best rendering of an end of the world declaration actually appeared in the 1963 Baptist Faith & Message. Hershel Hobbs had a lot to do with this edition, not so much the later ones in 1998 and 2000. When describing the end of time, the 1963 said something to the effect that “God, in his own time and way, will bring the world to its appropriate end.” That language has stayed with me and is worth referring to time and again.

I can understand in one regard why such predictions come around occasionally, some of it comes from a faulty hermeneutic about numbers, symbols, and other types of language in the Bible. Sometimes predictions are made in order to create a media frenzy and draw attention to whomever or whatever happens to be proclaiming knowledge of our final days. After living through this latest attempt at biblical prophecy, I have come to the conclusion that the idea of living for Jesus every day in a state of readiness might not be enough for some people. We need to put as much effort and attention on impacting our world for Christ with his teachings and mission as those whose enthusiasm gets carried away when they are looking at 666 or the millennium in the book of Revelation. The thing about some answers like the BFM63 for some people is that it leaves too much up in uncertainty; or in my view simply leaves the end up to God. I know that’s a boring approach and doesn’t get folks energized and walking around with signs proclaiming the end has come, but it ought to be enough for us to live in faith one day at a time.

I get really frustrated at those who spend time predicting the last day, almost as much as I do at those who give their time and money to those who make such proclamations. So, from the what it’s worth department, I am still here. And as long as I remain “here” I will do what I can to serve the Lord until the time comes when I’m not here. There’s no telling when that day will come, but I am ready for whenever and choose not to dwell on it. 

I am hoping for no rain tomorrow so I can practice our girls softball team though.


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