It’s good to know there are still some folks predicting the end of the world. Of course, it isn’t like this hasn’t happened before but it has gotten a selected audience worked up about it. Here is one article about it.

I read stuff like this from time to time, but a strange thing happened closer to home that got me thinking more about it.

Our church’s executive secretary received a phone call the other day from a woman who asked what she should wear on the 21st, since Jesus was coming back. She added that she didn’t want to wear “the wrong thing” because she could be sent to the bad place if she did. Carol told her that we weren’t telling people what to wear (or that Jesus was returning on the 21st), so the caller decided to call another church who could give her the information she needed. It would be interesting to know whether she located such information from one of our area churches.

I hope our church won’t be disappointed about our lack of fashion advice regarding the end of the world.

My daughter and I did get into a similar conversation about the movie 2012, where the Mayans are credited for predicting the destruction of the planet. I would imagine there are going to be more such premonitions leading up to next year.

For the record, I don’t know when Jesus is coming back. It could very well be on the 21st, but Jesus himself said he didn’t know when that day would be. So, it doesn’t suit us to go around setting dates for his glorious return. As you know, though, it doesn’t keep folks from doing this and making themselves look silly as a result.

On the plus side, this incident did get me to thinking about what we ought to be wearing when Jesus comes. I’m not talking about clothes, although I think jeans or slacks ought to work just fine. I am referring to putting on the righteousness of Christ that comes through faith in him. So, at least from that vantage point I believe I am wearing enough to please the Lord. These “filthy rags” that describe my own righteousness that the Apostle Paul talks about won’t stack up to God’s expectations.  

Will Jesus return on May 21? Maybe. If so, I will gladly let this be my last blog post and be pleased that I won’t have to lead our church in the implementation of our long range planning proposal. My plans for that Saturday, however, are to move forward with T-ball practice and spend the day with my family and get ready for another Sunday of worship. I won’t be on the roof of my house or selling off all my possessions, so if you need to reach me try phone, email, or facebook. We are not promised another day, so I will add the phrase “Lord willing” to the agenda.

I’m sorry to say I don’t know what to tell you to wear though. You can try calling the church office and see what happens. I don’t even know what I’ll put on. Probably a sweatshirt since it’s been chilly and if Matt gets cold at practice I’ll give him my undershirt like last time.