Hickory Hills Elementary School is dealing with the sudden and sad news of the death of Diana Robinson. Mrs. Robinson taught 4th grade at our school, and she died in her sleep last weekend. My family, along with many other parents and students, have been impacted by the terrible reality of her loss.

We don’t know what we would have done without Mrs. Robinson. One of the biggest adjustments in moving to a new community is getting children situated in a new school, which is exactly where we were about four years ago. Lori and I were very concerned about Cally and especially about who her new teacher would be. She was placed in Mrs. Robinson’s class, and was going through a difficult transition in learning new people, places, and expectations. Lori and I spoke with Mrs. Robinson frequently about the challenges of 4th grade and making new friends, and she was always encouraging, supportive, and patient.

There is a lot more I could say about Mrs. Robinson, but suffice it to say that the value of a competent and caring teacher cannot be overstated. I mention her here as a brief tribute to her influence and impact upon our family, as well as a reminder of the impact one person cannot make upon another person’s life. Another reminder is that we are not promised a long life, so it is important that we treat each other well with kindness and respect.

 We celebrated Mrs. Robinson’s memory at school this afternoon with stories and a balloon release. I know our family will not forget her compassion and skill as a teacher, and we appreciate the gift of her life along with the rest of the Hickory Hills family.