Toomer’s Corner tree poisoned

Just when you didn’t think the Auburn/Alabama rivalry couldn’t get more inflamed, someone strikes at the heart of a great tradition involving toilet paper and winning football games.

Here is what media outlets are saying about the poisoning of Toomer’s Corner trees in retaliation for a decade old slight which argueably never happened. I read a few moments ago that an arrest had been made in the case, so this story in unfolding.

We are AUburn fans and enjoyed being “all in” this past year, supporting the team on its way to a National Championship. It’s been a great year, and it might be too much to ask to expect the same this upcoming year. Regardless, we are still going to cheer for Auburn and expectedly rooting against the Crimson Tide. It’s just something you have to do.

Still, this is an “on the field” rivalry involving primarily 18-22 year olds and many thousands of alumni and fans sitting in the stands and living throughout the country who have an interest in the outcome of the Iron Bowl. It never occurred to me that someone could do such a mean-spirited thing that could possibly poison one of the most meaningful college football rivalries in the country.

It doesn’t have to end that way though, and I do hope that the Auburn faithful will not have revenge on their minds in regard to what one person with Alabama ties might have done. I also hope that no one rejoices in this terrible act of vandalism, and we ought to think about the example this is setting for our college students at these institutions. Even if you don’t like Auburn, at least have some respect and appreciation for these trees that have been there for over a century. We’re supposed to “going green” and this act of hatred certainly doesn’t measure up to that goal.

It doesn’t look good for these trees, but I’m hoping that they can be saved. I’ll stay tuned to see what happens and hopefully see toilet paper hanging from those branches for years to come.


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