Eat Mor Chikin

I like to eat chicken, and it’s not just the stereotypical thing that pastors like chicken. I know I have a lot of company on this preference. And in particular, I really like Chik-fil-a Chicken.

Here lately, the company has come under scrutiny for one its franchises donating free chicken to a marriage enrichment conference. There are those who are in opposition to this action and are calling for a boycott of the company. Of course, that is the option for anyone or a group of individuals. Freedom of expression and opinion is one of our bedrock principles as a nation.

I was a little curious about the criticism though, in that Chik-fil-a has been consistent in its presentation and values, i.e. closed on Sundays for employees to worship as they choose. Then I read further and realized that the company is seeking to expand beyond it’s southern base and as such is running into those persons who might not be aware of Chik-fil-a’s values.

Chik-fil-a can choose to support or contribute its resources to whomever it wishes, and in return can expect reaction both pro and con about their decisions. I for one appreciate the company’s consistent presentation of cleanliness, quality, and support of students through scholarships and work opportunities. Truett Cathy, its founder, has been open about his faith and those who work at the company know that.

While respecting those who disagree, I appreciate Chik-fil-a’s values and community involvement. At least you know where the company stands. The idea of a boycott wouldn’t seem to be that effective, and ironically was demonstrated as Southern Baptists boycotted Disney in recent years due to that company’s expression of their values.

So, I am saddened by this boycott and hope it will not have a significant impact upon Chik-fil-a. I look forward to our next trip and trading those little toys in for free ice cream.


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