Johnny Pierce has put together a top 10 list of sorts relating to growing up Baptist. I can relate to a few of these, and wonder how they come across to the rest of you.

I didn’t see anything about the “Church Covenant” hanging on the wall of the sanctuary though. I’ve been in a few buildings where this sign was bigger than the cross over the baptistry. It’s amazing what folks will put in a sanctuary.

The one on the list that I resonate most with is the comment about gluttony, or the lack thereof. Baptists put the hammer down on alcohol but have done so while circling the breakfast bar at Shoney’s on Sunday nights. I still remember one revival service when the rotund evangelist was espousing the virtues of fasting, and even as a college student I found this to be rather hypocritical. Not to mention the fact of how inspiring it was to see all the deacons smoking their cigarettes on the front steps of the church, only to throw them to the ground a few minutes before church started. What a blessing.

It is easier to be critical of those sins we don’t have as much trouble with and overlook those we do. Something Jesus said about a log and a speck comes to mind.