16 Years on the 16th

This is my wife. Her name is Lori.   

On July 16, 1994, Lori and I got married at Eastdale Baptist Church located in Montgomery, AL.

Sixteen years and three children later, we find ourselves in Ozark country in Springfield, MO. This would have been Yankee territory when we got married, and there was NO way we could have imagined all that we have experienced.

I thank God for each day I have with Lori, and look forward to many more anniversaries in the future.

We celebrate this day like many other young married couples on an “in between” anniversary. We endured and enjoyed our last day of Vacation Bible School. We’re also going to our daughter’s softball game tonight and being sure to provide the snacks. We’re working in haircuts and getting Cally ready for her Passport trip to St. Louis with the youth group. Then there’s Lucy’s swimming lessons and Matt’s appointments too. And of course there’s the Wii golf tournament waiting to be played.

Life is busy, and good. Thank you Lori, I love you!


One thought on “16 Years on the 16th

  1. We are so happy you two found each other. We are also happy that you FINALLY found MO – that foreign country. =) We love you both! T & J

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