CBF meets in Charlotte

My family and I are on vacation this week and have had a good trip thus far, having stopped in birthplace of Elvis on the way down to Montgomery. We have enjoyed the time together and soaking in some of the southern sites and sounds for a while–albeit the temps have been really brutal. Welcome to the south!

I’ll be interrupting vacation leave to represent our church at the 20th anniversary of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship General Assembly. Here is the latest e-newsletter about the Assembly. Some CBFers readily identify with that first gathering and marvel at where the Fellowship is after only 20 years. Others wonder where the Fellowship is headed as we move into the third decade of this community of Baptist believers. I can relate to both sentiments, appreciating the collective and cooperative efforts for the cause of Christ among free and faithful Baptists.

I’m looking forward to reconnecting with some Baptist brothers and sisters this week, and more importantly hope to get a reading on how things are going among the larger CBF family. One significant question I have is related to our leader, Daniel Vestal, as he has indicated retirement from this position. Change always has its positive and negative aspects, but in this case the time is drawing near for new leadership to emerge to lead us into farther along into the 21st century. I don’t think he will announce his departure at this Assembly, but this reality will be on my mind and probably on many others as well. The other thought I have is in regard to the anniversary itself, and anticipate reminders about the CBF journey thus far and those who have had a part in leading us up unto this point in our history.

It looks to be a great few days in Charlotte, if nothing else than it’s not Houston in July like last year. I didn’t make that trip, but heard it was mighty toasty down there. I’ll leave some impressions of my trip and experience after the Assembly is over.


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