Cecil Sherman dies

Much has been written and much will be written about a great man who died yesterday. Cecil Sherman is to be credited for being a leader in the moderate movement of the Southern Baptist Convention, and eventual first coordinator of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. You can read more about him here.

There are many my age and younger who do not have an understanding of the pressures and sacrifices that Sherman and others like him endured during the “battle for the SBC.” Looking back, it is hard to understand what the fuss was all about in trying to salvage an institution like the SBC. This mentality comes with the benefit of hindsight, but those who were Sherman’s contemporaries, there was a great deal at stake in the largest Protestant denomination in the world.

I am so thankful for Sherman’s voice and stance on Baptist principles and distinctives, as his efforts laid the groundwork for the movement known as the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. May we always remember and appreciate his leadership during difficult times, and build on his contributions. I’m sure those who attend the CBF national meeting in Charlotte this summer will spend some time remembering this great Baptist.


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