UHBC hosts CBF-MO General Assembly

Well, it’s almost here. The annual gathering of Missouri CBFers will take place this weekend at University Heights, and much preparation and planning will finally come to culmination.

It’s hard to say how many people will come to Springfield, considering our location at the lower southwest part of the state. Regardless, we will have a good time celebrating the theme “Living Testimony” through worship on Friday pm and service projects on Saturday. I like the fact that we won’t be sitting in conferences all weekend, but will get out into our community to offer a helping hand.

We may be a voting on a budget, but don’t expect to debate or insist upon any resolutions. You can’t get Baptists to agree on everything anyway, plus I like that fact that the emphasis is on fellowship and service. The church is the headquarters for the Lord’s work, and UHBC appreciates our Baptist brothers and sisters coming to town to help us out for the weekend. I hope that the fruit of these efforts will be evident for many months to come.

The CBF will be celebrating its 20th anniversary later this summer in Charlotte, NC. I plan to be there on this occasion to mark this meaningful observance. The movement has come a long way since then, and still has some important questions to answer in regard to its mission and purpose. The same sort of issues remain at the state level, and for this reason coming together as like-minded Baptists will offer a source of encouragement. We are all pilgrims on this journey, as Baptist Christians who are seeking the Lord’s direction in bringing people the message of hope that only Christ can offer.

I’m looking forward to getting reacquainted with friends and making some new ones along the weekend. I appreciate all the efforts that our Associate Pastor, Cory Goode, has put in to coordinate this event.  And added to this gratitude for all our other ministerial and support staff, as well as lay leadership. It should be a good weekend, and safe travel to all who are coming our way.

As far as the above photo, well, I guess I happen to like it. Cally and Lucy will be working with Lori and me on Saturday at our mission location (they may not know that yet, however).


One thought on “UHBC hosts CBF-MO General Assembly

  1. Danny,

    I hope the meeting goes well. I won’t be able to make it this year as our church is celebrating its 150th anniversary this weekend. I would have enjoyed getting to visit with Javier Elizondo. I’ve known him for several years now.

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