This has been a story for about a week now, and I had intended to make mention of it then because the headline on the first day the news broke was “American Baptists arrested in Haiti.” Several Americans who were in the country have been accused of trying to take children across the border even those they had parents. Upon hearing this news for the first time, I immediately thought these missionaries were part of the ABCUSA, an established denomination. However, these Baptists are American but are not “American Baptist” affliliation. This is a good story for clarification. 

This is an unfortunate situation to be sure, and another example of how Baptists may be perceived as being of one and the same denominational stripe. We need to make sure that folks know that there are different kinds of Baptists out there. I hope that the authorities can get to the bottom of this situation soon and above all else that the children will be placed where they need to be.

Southern Baptist leaders have spoken out in support of these arrested Americans and have asked President Obama to intervene. I’m sure that there will be many who are interested in the outcome of this situation.