Georgia Baptists officially oust FBC Decatur

This is really nothing unexpected, but it is worth mentioning that the Georgia Baptist Convention have now made the divorce official. The state convention has chosen to sever ties with the historic FBC Decatur congregation after almost 150 years of ministry together.

The nature of this action is nothing knew to our state, as the Missouri Baptist Convention dismissed 18 of its congregations for not following the “single alignment” approach in their giving and ministry partnerships.

The timing of this action reinforces something our church heard this weekend, as we welcomed Dwight Stinnett to join us for our annual Baptist Heritage Day and Thanksgiving Banquet. During a question and answer time, he indicated that den0minations were not necessarily going away but that they were changing and must change in order to connect with our 21st century world. “Many people like Jesus”, Dwight said, “but they don’t like the church.” That is food for thought.

I wish FBC all the best as they move forward in reaching their community and world for Christ. The local church remains the headquarters of Kingdom work, and I am thankful that Baptist churches remain free to choose their own ministry partners, call and ordain whom they choose, and find ways to be relevant for Christ in their own communities.


One thought on “Georgia Baptists officially oust FBC Decatur

  1. Ted and I have heard Julie Pennington-Russell preach and she is a master communicator of God’s Word. It sickens me that “so called Christians” have treated her with such disrespect since her first church in CA asked her to apply for senior pastor when their former minister left. According to Julie, she never chose to be a pastor; instead, I think she was involved in music ministy when God and a wise congregation asked her to consider becoming their pastor. She was also treated to such ugly behavior when she assumed leadership in Waco, TX. Men lined the walkway and chanted ugly words to her as she and her family entered the church. What a mockery of God’s will and ability to gift either gender for ministry.

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