The Missouri Baptist Convention has approved a budget with an opt out for churches who don’t want their CP funds used for lawsuits–but they’ll have to take church action on it. Unless churches say otherwise, some of their CP funds will go to maintain the litigation against Baptist institutions.

There is already a mechanism in place for receive funds for litigation, apparently, but this vote will guarantee an influx of funds to keep the lawyers happy for a while.

Most Baptist pastors will tell you that it can be difficult getting their people to act on anything against the conventional Baptist way of doing things. Usually it takes an informed and strong pastor to lead the people away from ties to the state convention. My hope is that there are some pastors like that in Missouri who will stand up and speak out in their congregations about what is happening to their CP money. It seems like the convention is putting the ball back in church’s court, and it will be interesting to see which pastors and churches send a dissenting message back to Jeff City.