Maggie Henson’s death a tragic loss

Lori and I have three children, ages 11,6, and 4. I honestly don’t know what to say in this  situation. Words are simply inadequate, but I felt like Maggie’s story needed to shared at this location because the FBC Shreveport youth trip tragedy affected so many people around the country. Any parent can relate to sending his or her child off on a youth camp or school trip, and the resultant death has created a greater sense of how fleeting and fragile live can be.

Preachers are supposed to be wordsmiths, using language as tools of the trade. I can’t help thinking about the pastor who will be conducting the funeral and what his words might be. There are so many emotions to consider, and the assurance of “not grieving as those who have no hope.” No one should tell this precious family how to feel about this loss, nor should we try to do so about anyone else who has experienced the depth of this kind of pain. Sometimes it is best to remain silent and allow the power of presence do the talking for us.

We do need to join in prayer for the Henson family and the larger church family there in Shreveport. This story is still unfolding, and God only knows the impact Maggie’s death will have on those who knew her as well as those who did not.


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