jesus12David Coffey gave a message that was intended for all Baptists to hear. The Baptist World Alliance leader challenged us be “the hands and feet of Jesus” to a hurting world. I’ve read through the article, and it’s a good read.

I’m preparing a sermon this Sunday entitled “Still Baptist after all these Years” and it will be given on the occasion of the Lord’s Supper. It’s part of a broader emphasis our church has been aware of in that Baptists are celebrating our 400th anniversary. I’ll talk about some core values that mean much to me, and then we’ll gather around the Lord’s table to remember his sacrificial death, burial, and resurrection. When we do this, it will not be as Baptists, but as believers in Jesus Christ.

It’s a simple thing to say “we should act like Jesus” but making this statement a reality is so much harder than we would like to admit. We are sinful human beings and pride gets in the way so often, and for the larger Baptist family it seems we can’t stop “acting stupidly” towards one another.

Our worship center (sanctuary) is unlike any Baptist church I’ve served in that the pulpit is not in the center. There are two pulpits, the preaching pulpit is the larger of the two on one side and the other is a little smaller and used for directing the congregational singing. It took a while to get used to this positioning, but now I like the split chancel. The music and preaching are important, but the central focus on the platform is the Lord’s Supper table. I believe this signifies that the most important, unifying aspect for God’s people is the broken body of Jesus Christ.

If we as Baptists can keep that as the center, or more directly the people of University Heights Baptist, then that will go a long way toward people seeing Christ in us. Let’s make it our desire to act like Jesus. However, may we also be prepared to take our lifetimes figuring out what that means.