As you tell looking at my last entry, our church sent our youth to Passport youth camp. They were heading to Beaumont and spent the night in Shreveport. About the same time, FBC Shreveport sent their youth to Macon, GA for a Passport camp but the never made it. You can find out the sad news here. 

The accident took place shortly before worship this morning. You can read about this at the church’s website.  There’s also additional information from a Shreveport TV station.

Hearing of this terrible news brings home the reality that life is so uncertain. I can’t help thinking of those parents who hugged their children, not even thinking it could possibly be their last time. May our hearts and prayers go out to this church and those involved at the scene.

Lori and I used to live in Meridian, and have a pretty good idea of where the accident took place and know the hospitals that are treating the injured. I am glad to hear that some of the churches in the area are reaching out in this time of crisis.