Vacation Bible School 2009

logo_lrgWe’re midway through VBS and using the “Crocodile Dock” theme. The children seem to be enjoying it very much and the workers are as well. The church has been transformed into a swamp of sorts and there is a lot of adventure yet remaining for the week.

I’m so appreciative to all our workers who volunteer their time and energy during this week of the summer. VBS is the best evangelistic tool the church has in reaching children with the gospel, and my prayer is that several children will give their lives to Christ this week and become candidates for baptism.

One thing that VBS does for me in particular is keep me grounded in what’s really important in church work. There’s so much administrative stuff to do. I must have missed the seminary courses on how to keep the building cooled to everyone’s satisfaction and making sure the building is open and closed properly and keeping the staff on the same page ministry wise and how to lead a church through a capital campaign. Sure, these things are important. But not nearly as important as sharing the gospel with those who might not otherwise hear it. I’m not assuming for a moment that all the kids who come have parents who believe church attendance is important. If we can help these kids associate church with a happy place, then that will be a major accomplishment. Working with the children is tiring for sure, but most of them are thankful for the attention and ready to receive a hug or other affirmation from a caring adult.

I’m thankful to our Minister of Families, Janet Hill, particularly has she has planned and prepared for this week and secured workers and volunteers. I know the work will pay off in ways we can’t even imagine, or realize by Friday when the last session ends. It’s been good thus far, and a joy to see the enthusiasm of the children and the courage of our workers. May God bless our efforts.


4 thoughts on “Vacation Bible School 2009

  1. This sounds like a fun VBS program. I’m always on the lookout for something new.

    For the past two years we’ve written our own and it gets a bit difficult at times to keep up with everything.

    I’m looking forward to more news on your VBS.


  2. The last several years our church has used GROUP’s VBS material. It’s really good and creative, and easy for the teachers from what I understand. The building gets turned upside down with decorations and such, and our people are very supportive.

  3. One of the local churches is using this program too. What did you like best about this one?

    Glad to hear you had a great time.


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