Abortion doctor murdered in church

George Tiller was performing his ushering duties today when someone shot and killed him. In the churchhouse. This guy was known as an “abortion doctor” because he was one of the few who performed late term abortions.

This whole situation has brought about a wide range of emotions, from outrage that someone would come into church and kill someone to gratitude that this particular man was stopped from performing horrific acts. I say this because there have already been some facebook remarks from one woman who was glad that someone stopped him. I won’t mention her name here, but undoubtedly her sentiments are shared by others.

I’m still processing this story, and my reason for posting here is to perhaps gain some insight from others and their viewpoints on this matter. Tiller’s using his skills to perform these late term abortions grieves me, but I am also disturbed by the glee of some Christians who are rejoicing at his murder in a house of God. The greater concern for me is the thought that there might be “copycat” killings by those who find support for bringing weapons into the house of God in order to exact revenge. This amounts to taking the law into your own hands, not to mention the already stated concern that this happened inside a church house.

I can’t imagine a doctor using his or her skills in this manner, but I also cannot fathom someone entering a place of worship to kill a man and somehow thinking this was a justifiable act. We live in a sinful world, and this issue of abortion is one of the most volatile and sensitive topics of discussion out there for our nation and the church in particular. I suspect that this latest tragedy will result in greater scrutiny of the body of Christ but perhaps also lead to an opportunity to to be a witness for Jesus Christ. No one wins in this kind of outrageous act. We cannot create a culture of life at the end of a gunbarrel.


2 thoughts on “Abortion doctor murdered in church

  1. There may be times when a mother’s health or discovery of disease or gross malformation may make a late-term abortion an option that is not immoral. At any rate I certainly agree the glee or supposed Christians over this murder is incomprehensible!

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