earth_spaceI don’t have a lengthy post on this issue right now, but it is good to hear this former SBC President indicating his concern for the environment. For a long time it did not appear the denomination had a concern about ecological issues, since the world is doomed anyway and for some persons this was a theological issue. Premillennialism in a nutshell is about the world getting worse and worse off and then Jesus comes, so any efforts to redeem our existing global community could be delaying the desired rapture of the church.

There seems to be a growing awareness and acceptance of a theology of creation care. The biblical account of creation indicates that the Lord saw everything that he had made “and it was good.” He put humankind in dominion or “stewardship” of the earth, and it is worth asking whether that practice has been followed by the world’s inhabitants. James Merritt has some good thoughts about this question. I plan on leading a study on this topic later this year, and am pleased that our church at least is recycling paper and cans and seeking ways to limit the use of paper by deferring to electronic media. The criticism to deal with comes from those who believe this kind of care for the earth could lead to worship of Mother Earth, which is worshipping the creation rather than the Creator.

We have a long way to go, but the younger generation is stepping up to the challenge. My daughter Cally, 11 years old, is telling me not to keep the water running when I shave. She is learning some other things that should help the environment at school. May the churches catch up to this effort.