For all those who stop by every now and then, please accept my heartfelt wishes for a wonderful Easter. It has been a wonderful weekend at UHBC, with the Requiem on Friday pm and then the Easter Egg hunt Saturday morning which seemed very similar to our Fall Festival. Both of these wonderful events were gifts to the community as ways to enjoy the significance of this day.

It has been almost two years since our arrival in Springfield, and my family and I are grateful for the opportunity to live in Missouri and serve the Lord through University Heights. This day will be filled with singing, preaching, and pews filled with worshippers. I pray that it will be an inspirational day for us all.

One other thought, I join with many others in the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary family in hoping and praying for the recovery of Jimmy and Retia Dukes who were struck by an SUV in front of the seminary. They are in separate hospitals in critical condition, with her being in a coma. They are wonderful people and this will be one Easter that their family will never forget.