Philip Wise dead at 60

I didn’t know him personally, but want to acknowledge the loss of a great man in moderate Baptist life. Phillip Wise served ably as a leader in the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and other Baptist organizations through the years, and was effective as a pastor in several churches through the years. You can find more information about his life in this article.

My association with Phillip came as a result of his involvement in the CBF while teaching for New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary at the Graceville, FL extension center. When the seminary discovered his church’s openness to CBF (FBC Dothan), he was not allowed to teach a second semester of the Theology class he had started in the Fall. I was asked to take over in January and finish the second semester, knowing only his name and not really given an explanation to his not being able to complete the academic year. I knew CBF only as three letters at that time, having no idea then that I would sympathetic and supportive of the Fellowship and the position Phillip had been taking in his church and in the SBC at large.

Phillip and others like him gave the CBF world credibility and leadership during those formative years, sometimes at great professional and personal cost. I wish his wife and family the very best as they work through their grief and pain.


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