Here’s the latest on disgraced former pastor Ted Haggard. I’m really not sure what to make of it. With everything that has happened to him, it would seem more plausible to take a lower profile on things. The way things are going, he might get his own reality TV show.

It is interesting to gauge the reception Haggard is receiving among the media. There seems to be no shortage of outlets and opportunities for him to talk about his moral failure, and one can only hope there can be some genuineness to his appeal. The reason could possibly be that TV talk shows are using him to increase their ratings due to the scandalous nature of this story. It might be that there aren’t that many opportunities around his usual circle of influence.

One sidebar to the Haggard fall is how Christians respond to other believers when they experience “moral failure.” I have a friend who not too long ago had to resign his church for this reason, and it’s hard to imagine why anyone would want to see him on television talking about it. I guess it has to do with the notoriety of the individual and with the heightened sense of hypocrisy, especially with Haggard condemning homosexuality and then getting involved with a male prostitute.

It’s no wonder the world has such difficulty with the church. Our credibility is constantly being marred not merely by sinful acts but by the hypocrisy of it all. We are all sinners, but I don’t see any other reason for Haggard to allow himself to the exploited other than monetary gain. It is possible than some persons might be helped by his ongoing media presence, but I am not one of them.