This story was on television tonight, and NBC promoted it about as well as any network could in hopes of gaining a large audience. The mother of octuplets was giving her side about the birth and rationale for having so many children in addition to the six she already had.  It was touted as a “must see” television event, almost historical in its importance.

Well, I missed out. A few of my facebook friends offered unsolicited affirmation of this position, and I’m discovering that the public in general is more outraged than impressed with this particular baby story. I do hope these newborns will be healthy, but I’m learning some of them already have problems. The mother already has a publicist and will try to capitalize on her notoriety; time will tell if this works in her favor. One other thing, she might not want to expect grandma to do any babysittting anytime soon.

Here is more from Ann Curry, who conducted the interview.