Baptist Border Crossing in April

bbcrossing-51It has been a year since 15,000 Baptists came together in Atlanta for the Celebration of the New Baptist Covenant. The key phrase that came out of that event was whether or not this was a “moment or a movement.” This question is still being answered.

The Show Me state has scheduled a regional event in April 2009 that mirrors the kind of meeting held last year in Georgia. It’s called “Baptist Border Crossing” and should attract persons who affiliate with Baptists of all brands here in Missouri and surrounding area. Several other gatherings like this one are planned throughout the country, an indication that dialogue is being continued across Baptist lines. I know very little about this upcoming event, only what I am reading through publicity but feel good enough about it to mention the gathering here.

It truly is amazing to me to witness efforts to pull together Baptists of different brands and backgrounds. This couldn’t have happened a few decades ago, and it took a schism in the largest Protestant denomination to realize that Baptist Christians do indeed need each other to reach this world for Christ. A lot of us have been accustomed to being leaders in our own denominational yard and crossing over the fences that separate us requires courage, unselfishness, and humility.

I don’t know how many persons will be able to get to Liberty for this moment, but I’ll certainly be looking into it not only for myself but for our congregation. This is an opportunity to be part of something historic, regardless of how many people are sitting the pews. Getting a variety of Baptists to come together under one roof offers opportunity for fellowship, conversation, and bridge building across racial, geographical, and denominational lines.


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