utah1 This Auburn fan wants to congratulate this lowly Mountain West Conference team for its undefeated season and victory over Alabama in the Sugar Bowl. I have to admit to being surprised at the 31-17 victory for the Utes but really enjoyed cheering for them throughout the evening. No one really gave them a chance and they shocked their critics and thrilled their fans, some of whom rode 38 hours on a bus from Salt Lake City to the Superdome. The ride back ought to be shorter, or at least appear to be.

I really enjoy the bowl season, especially the BCS games. One of the best games I ever saw was when Boise State beat Oklahoma 43-42 in the Fiesta Bowl a few years ago. The Sooners play the Gators next Thursday for the Championship. We’ll see what happens, but if Oklahoma wins I’ll be sure to see some more Sooner ties worn to church the following Sunday.