Billy Graham moves church membership

billyThis story has been around for a few days, and there are ample blogs referring to it. For those who haven’t heard, Billy Graham has moved his membership from FBC Dallas to FBC Spartanburg, SC. This isn’t the closest church to Graham, but apparently he watches worship services on television and is friends with pastor Donald Wilton. At 90, Graham isn’t in a position to get out to church very much these days.

People move membership in Baptist churches all the time and don’t get press coverage. Then again, there’s only one Billy Graham. And there is some discussion about why Graham chose to move his membership now. Some have speculated it had something to do with FBC Dallas’ waning influence and the latest rants of their pastor. Evangelists usually don’t attend the church where they are members anyway, so it wouldn’t make sense at one level. I wouldn’t speculate on the reason, and think whatever gives Graham the most encouragement and comfort at this point in his life should be supported.

One other thing though, at that is the issue of church membership in general is an important subject and  worthy of further discussion at a later time. Baptist churches have more “members” than they have attending their worship services. Most of the time the FBI couldn’t locate all the people who aren’t attending the church where their membership remains. Well, I’m grateful for the ones who do come but will do some more thinking about this subject.


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