December means Global Missions

cbfmissionsThe Mission Board of our church has gotten us off to a good start with our month long Global Missions push. Last  Wednesday night, we watched videos from the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and the American Baptist Convention that called our attention to the need for millions to hear the gospel. It is hard to imagine that so many still have never heard the Good News of Jesus Christ. Prayer time around the tables meant a great deal to those of us who were in attendance.

The “Parade of Flags” is this Sunday morning and we have the WMU to thank for that. Seeing all the flags from different countries will be a visible reminder of both the great opportunity and responsibility to support our missionaries around the world. The Missions Banquet in the evening will include our missions organizations, along with hearing from a husband/wife team of American Baptist missionaries. Some of these missionaries serve in dangerous areas and cannot have their names printed for fear of being identified. These special servants deserve our prayers and support, and I’m thankful to be part of a church with a distinctively mission giving and going mindsest.

It’s also personally gratifying to be able to enthusiastically support missionaries associated with the CBF and ABC. I believe in a holistic style of missions which deals with the spiritual and physical needs of persons, as well as an indigenous approach that respects the leadership and decisions of the missionaries on the field. Church planting is important, but it also vital to nurture theological education, hospital ministries, and agricultural development in tribal countries.

I know this is a precarious time financially, and folks are concerned about the uncertainty of the economy. Major companies are asking for “bail outs” in order to stay in business and not have to lay off workers. This is also true of the mission enterprise, and international missionaries are feeling the pinch of a weakening dollar while having to maintain their focus on the work. Our church will do our best to step up and meet our goal. Missions is God’s idea, and I’m thankful we can be part of it.


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