It’s a rare day that I write something about football, except when the New Orleans Saints do something noteworthy. Like I said, it’s a rare day when I write something about football. Anyway, the other indulgence Lori and I have is following Auburn football.

Moving to Springfield was definitely providential, as we sensed the Lord’s leadership throughout the process. That by far was the biggest and only reason we’re here now. It didn’t hurt, however, to find out that SEC football is broadcast by Raycom sports up here in the lower part of Missouri.  We get to watch Auburn almost every week unless they play someone out of conference. They had a bad season this year, and Tuberville’s mistakes this year apparently caught up with him. He had a remarkable winning percentage over ten years, but evidently this was not enough. 

Tuberville will be paid about six million dollars to do nothing, per his buyout clause. In these trying economic times, I question the wisdom of this move. Others do as well. Notre Dame kept Charlie Weis after losing 15 games in the last two years. Go figure.