Death at Walmart on Black Friday

One part-time worker at Wal-Mart won’t be enjoying this holiday season, or any other season for that matter. Thousands of frenzied shoppers trampled him to death as he was attempting to open the doors for business.

It is hard to imagine what went through this young man’s mind as he saw the crowds bolting through the entrance. I cannot fathom the unconcern of consumers as they moved through the store like an army on an invasion. My heart goes out to the family of this man who was most likely trying to earn some extra money. That’s what employees do who sign up for part-time duty during the holidays.

As I read this article, I had to ask myself “Is this what Christmas is all about?” I’m disgusted with the greed of this time of year, and this story reinforces that. I doubt if this incident will stay in the headlines, but it does give perspective on what this season should NOT be about. The shooting in the Toys R Us store doesn’t help either. 

There are millions of folks out there who are celebrating the true meaning of Christmas. Gifts are a wonderful part of that, and I for one look forward to seeing the expressions on my children as they discover theirs under the tree on December 25th. My initial prayer is that we would all share the true spirit of Christmas this year by keeping focus on the real Gift given over 2000 years ago. We’re kicking off Advent this Sunday, and believe that these days of preparation will be especially meaningful in that effort.


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