The Missouri Baptist Convention held their annual meeting recently, with the “save our convention” slate of officers receiving support for the second year in a row. Perhaps the saddest bit of information, as far as I’m concerned, has to be the unwillingness of the MBC to call off their lawsuits on state Baptist institutions.

Our church is not part of the state convention, but maintains support for several of the institutions under financial and legal oppression from the MBC. I’m not surprised that the convention is maintaining it’s position, but am somewhat encouraged that there was a motion to suspend the lawsuits. I guess this shows at least a minority of folks who see the hypocrisy of sueing brothers and sisters in Christ over control of an institution. Two messengers brought a motion to the floor of the convention, calling for an end to the legal action. Steven Mosely of St. Louis brought forth the noble argument: “I’ve tried to bring an end to what I believe is an unbiblical course. It’s time we think about the importance of Scripture on this issue.”