Our church enjoyed Parent/Child dedication ceremonies for the Goode and Broaddus families last Sunday morning. As Baptists, we don’t do christening or baptisms for infants. It is important, however, to recognize our new arrivals and their parents who want to commit themselves to providing a Christlike environment for their spiritual formation.I can remember calling such occasions “baby dedications” and for obvious reasons. But, several years ago I came to realize that there is no way that precious baby can be dedicated to the Lord without having parents who have that desire for themselves as well. Going through a dedication service is a signficant moment, not only for the parents, but also for the church family.

University Heights is excited to have Gentry Madison Goode and Catherine Adele Broaddus with us. I look forward to seeing them grow up and hopefully one day to be part of their baptismal experience. They are on a good path, I believe, and our church commits to love and pray for both their families.