Raising our Sails

Our church kicked off a Capital Campaign on September 7th with a wonderful banquet filled with laughter and an inspiring video presentation about our past, present, and future. Our steering committee put in a great deal of effort to pull this off and our church truly felt energized after the experience.

The goal of $1 Million is to pay off our debt and free us for future ministry and mission opportunities. Thus, the theme of Mission: Possible is a play off the TV show from a few decades ago. I’ve been very pleased and proud of the results so far. Our UHBC Foundation has contributed $200,000 to this campaign and that amount plus the pledges over $650,000 brings us very close to our goal. Our church is also in talks with a neighboring business who wishes to purchase a parking lot from us and that should add close to $100,000 to our overall figure. We’ll keep promoting this campaign through November, with the hope and expectation that the monies will be pledged and then come in over the next five years. It’s an exciting time.

I’ve been preaching on God’s timing and open doors of service. It encourages me to see so many of our church members exploring avenues of ministry to our community. We are neighbors both to a thriving university and an elementary school with historic significance to our area. I like the idea of embracing both schools with the intent to work with students, staff, and faculty. There are so many yet to be determined ministries that will involve our church; I’m eager to see how things turn out.

Our church has heard me compare us to a vessel out on the open sea. Our primary responsibility is to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit by raising our sail and allowing the breath of God to move us where He wills. I much prefer this dynamic viewpoint of churchwork that those that tend to be more static and business oriented. We’re on an adventure, and I’m eager to see what’s coming up as we get farther away from shore.


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