It’s been seven years. The Twin Towers of the World Trade Center are gone but the memories of that horrible day still linger. The Pentagon and that field in Pennsylvania are included in this time of remembrance.

This photo of firemen raising our flag represents what is best about our country in the face of unspeakable tragegy. It is a reminder that we are no longer isolated from terrorist attacks and should remain steadfast in the defense of our nation.

I’m also reminded that the worst that humanity could offer was met with the best that humanity could offer. Certainly the United States is not exempt from dangers and suffering, and seeing the bravery of our firefighers, police, emergency rescue workers, and the volunteerism of thousands of Americans gave us hope. I still recall both houses of Congress appearing on the steps of the Capitol and singing “God Bless America.” It was a stirring moment, and a reminder that our nation can come together when faced with an outside threat.   

Both presidential candidates, Barak Obama and John McCain, will appear together tomorrow to demonstrate our unity as Americans. This is a heated presidential campaign, and I suppose things will return to business as usual soon afterwards. But, I am glad to see these two coming together for this purpose. My hope is that we as a nation could experience that oneness of purpose and resolve once again without having another tragedy like this one to shock us into action.