I’ve heard about “touchdown Jesus” at Notre Dame. It’s the huge photo of the likeness of Christ on one of the buildings on their campus seen from the football stadium. Football season is coming up and I expect to see those outstretched arms on ESPN again at somepoint in the near future.

Here we have “cheeto Jesus” making an experience. Kelly Ramey of Jefferson County, MO was driving to work one day and working through a bag of cheetos at the same time. She noticed something different about one of them. Ramey pulled one out of the bag and thought it looked like Jesus on the cross. Her friends and family have offered corroborating testimony to this wonder of Frito-Lay.

It’s not uncommon, unfortunately, to hear about folks who have encounters with the divine in this fashion. I guess it offers a few minutes of fame, and if not taken too seriously can provide cause a chuckle. It makes me laugh and then cry in a way to think that there are people in the world who are moved by what is an unusual configuration of a snack that can be found in a vending machine. Ramey is planning to find a safe way to display her finding to the world, and believes it is a way to remind us to pay attention to the small things in life.

On a theological note, it causes me to consider the revelation of God through Jesus Christ. That has already happened and the record of that revelation is the Bible. The place to learn about the life and ministry of Jesus is the gospels. Having said that, there are times that I’ve been moved by paintings about Christ and stained glass windows in church buildings. Sometimes beautiful songs and hymns bring me closer to the Lord, but I can’t say that a cheese snack has offered the same kind of inspiration.

Frito-Lay could start making this cheeto configuration now that there is a market for it. Maybe they could target churches and provide an option for Communion on Sundays. No more tasteless wafers. Cheetos for everyone! Come to think of it, maybe some of those emergent churches might go for it. University Heights folks are safe, however.