It’s not often I use the word “great” since the word can be misapplied and overused. But, I use it here with gladness of heart in response to a wonderful week of Vacation Bible School. Special thanks go to our staff and volunteers who worked feverishly and faithfully to bring this event about, many of whom are experiencing a satisfying since of fatigue for a job well done.

Our church was asked to pray for 100 children in attendance, and for those who know a little about our church understand the challenge. The prayers, promotion, and effort resulted in 120+ children registered, which by far is the best participation the church has had in a very long time. Add to that the 30-40 adult workers and you’ve got a full house filled with learning, laughter, and singing. The best part about it had to be the eight children expressing their desire to become Christians. That’s what VBS is all about.